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There are a lot of misconceptions around the process of hypnosis. To many people, hypnosis brings to mind thoughts of falling asleep or into some kind of “trance,” where you are highly suggestible and can end up saying or doing things that you would never do unless you were “under.” The reality is far more simple. Hypnosis is, simply, allowing yourself to reach a state of deep relaxation.

I have been practicing hypnotherapy for smoking in Chester, Liverpool and Colwyn Bay for over 20 years, serving roughly 9,000 clients in that time. I have an excellent success rate during that period, helping people not just to quit smoking but also to free themselves of other dependencies and addictions. My hypnotherapy services in Chester, Liverpool and Colwyn Bay can help you with alcohol, cannabis and cocaine addictions, as well as assisting you in conquering phobias.


Ready To Change?

Book your FREE telephone consultation, by calling 0800 083 7423 or 07903 585 466, or send me an email at enquiries@paulrussellhypnotherapy.co.uk. We’ll discuss the process and build up a rapport before deciding how to proceed together.


Smoking Hypnotherapy

Did you know that more people die from smoking than from breast cancer, AIDS, traffic accidents and drug-related incidents combined?

If you’re a smoker, you’ll certainly be aware of the health risks and, if you’re here, I can imagine you’re looking to quit! Good choice. Unfortunately, two thirds of people who want to give up smoking find that they can’t, slipping back into the habit soon after quitting.


Why Smokers Don't Stop Smoking

There are a whole host of reasons, both physical and psychological, why smokers so often fall back into the trap.

These include, but are not limited to:

Hypnotherapist in Chester and Colwyn Bay smoking methods nicotine patch and gum


Failure with Other Methods

Patches, lozenges, pure will power – all of these methods have a very low success rate, with “cold turkey” sitting at only 5-6%. These are, however, all suggested before hypnotherapy, which can leave people feeling disheartened when they fail and feel like they have no other option.

Hypnotherapist in Chester and Colwyn Bay man holding head in one hand and cigarette in another



This could be the fear of gaining weight, fear of having to give up a pleasurable thing in their lives, or the fear that they will no longer be able to enjoy their lives to the fullest or handle stress effectively. Fear is a powerful motivator and it can keep people trapped.

Hypnotherapist in Chester and Colwyn Bay hands wrapped in barb wire whilst holding cigarette


A Feeling of Entrapment

Besides the fears listed, the feeling of entrapment can keep people chained to cigarettes for life. It is easy to feel like you may never be free of the craving and feel hopeless when you think about the future. There is another way through.





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My Process

The process for my hypnotherapy services in Chester, Liverpool and Colwyn Bay is tailored completely to you.

Here’s how it works:


We’ll begin with a consultation that last around 10-15 minutes. I’ll attain the reason why you’re looking to stop smoking, how many do you smoke per day, what brought you to my clinic, among other things.



Our first appointment is face-to-face, lasting roughly two hours. My sessions go in to detail, involving a thorough case history and explanation of the mind, so they last a little longer than your average sessions.



PLEASE NOTE: I accept all major Credit and Debit cards. The current waiting list is 2-3 weeks.

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