Smoking Facts

We all know that quitting smoking is the right thing to do but we also know that it’s far easier said than done. Did you know that two thirds of all smokers who want to give up can’t? Once the hooks are into you, I know, from first-hand experience, that they’re hard to remove. I offer my hypnotherapy for smoking in Chester, Liverpool and Colwyn Bay to help you quit for good. Are you considering quitting? I find that, if you want to make that conscious decision and take those first steps toward a freer you, it always helps to look at the facts.



Unfortunate Truths

  • One half of all smokers will die prematurely because of their habit.
  • The smell from smoking will linger, on your clothes and in your house, for days.
  • About 120,000 people die each year in the UK from smoking related illnesses - which is 330 deaths a day.

Hypnotherapist in Chester and Colwyn Bay close up of woman with pink lipstick pink nails and smoke stained teeth smoking a cigarette


Hypnotherapist in Chester and Colwyn Bay woman's pregnant belly and hand holding a cigarette


  • At current prices, a person smoking 20 cigarettes a day could spend up to £245,000 (based on smoking for an average of 56 years at £12 per pack of 20) on the habit during their lifetime. At 20 a day, you have to earn over £5,600 before tax a year to pay for your habit. What else could you do with that £5,600?
  • More people die from smoking than from breast cancer, AIDS, traffic accidents and drug addiction added together.
  • More than 17,000 children under the age of five are admitted to hospital every year because of the effects of passive smoking.